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We take pride in helping our clients throw the biggest party of their lives by guiding you through the process; we are experienced in weddings, and want to bring that expertise to you! 

We offer full service Entertainment Design Services, all included with timeline consultation and floorplan design.


DJ Service

We reflect your level of intensity; providing an evening of soft music for conversation or a loud bumping party. From events with 20 attendees, to groups of up to 500; Bow Tie Events is here to help your wedding get to the next level!

We have all the music, all the lights, all the sound, and all the talent to give you an event you'll never forget!



We are partnered with Blue Bulb Photobooth company to bring you any and all photobooth dreams you have to life! 



We will provide you with static or full motion monograms to bring a personal touch to your wedding or event! 


We focus on lighting to enhance the look of the wedding and the room, not to take away from it. You'll see only clean, elegant, and effective lighting choices that will not blind your guests, or ruin any pictures. 

We will work together to show you what we can bring to the wedding so you get exactly what you want! 




We will provide you with a powerful and compact ceremony music system which includes a low profile wireless microphone for your officiant, a handheld microphone for any readers or singers, and of course music to played for your entrances and exits. 


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